Friday, May 1, 2009

An Exchange of Love: Animals Healing People in Past, Present and Future Lifetimes

Madeleine Walker's An Exchange of Love pushes the boundaries of what it is possible to achieve through telepathic animal communication beyond what we might have ever imagined. There is no other way to say it.

As any animal communicator will tell you, it is the animals themselves who are our best teachers. Through her work with animals, initially as a communicator and ultimately as a holistic healer, Madeleine has been transformed by the animals she has worked with, and her trust in their messages, and in the messages of her spirit guides, has enabled her to accomplish many small miracles.

Ms. Walker's philosophy is deceptively simple. As she explains it:

"The words, 'an exchange of love,' represent the ability and willingness of one to

heal another. This form of communication works on many levels. First there is
the one-to-one link between myself and the animal on a physical and mental level.
All I feel at this point is a giving and receiving of overwhelming love. When trust is
established, even the most apparently aggressive and dangerous animal relaxes,
and the communication begins."

Among the challenging cases that Madeleine Walker chronicles in her heartfelt account is that of Shannon, a mare who had become anxious, unpredictable, and even dangerous. Though Shannon's person seemed to understand that her dear horse harbored no malicious intents, she had begun to despair because it had become virtually impossible to work around Shannon, let alone to ride her. As Madeleine began to communicate with her, Shannon revealed that the source of her agitation was to be found in many of her past lives, when she had been a victim of a predator or had been powerless to escape from some attack:

"She showed me a lifetime when she had been a dray horse in London during the

blitz. A bomb had fallen on the building where she had been stalled and she had
been hit and mortally injured by the fragments of metal, wood and stone. The
sense of helplessness and inability to escape was overwhelming. This seemed to
be a repeated pattern as she showed me many lifetimes of trauma."

To help animals like Shannon, whose present-day behavior belies trauma, injury, or terror suffered in previous incarnations, Madeleine has developed a technique whereby she processes the energetic "holograms" of the animals's past selves by allowing them to pass through her and then, after they have been transformed, she reintegrates them back into the animal. With Shannon, as with so many of Ms. Walker's animal clients, this unique form of "soul retrieval" has often successfully restored a sense of peace to formerly tormented animals.

For animals who have physical ailments which have stymied medical diagnosis or have not responded to conventional veterinary prescriptions, Madeleine conducts what she describes as "psychic surgery," whereby she uses "the power of the mind to move and change energy," a technique she has learned from the animals themselves. Using her intention, visualization, and her sincere desire to work for the highest good of her animal client, she creates "light crystals," which "do not exist as a physical reality," but which can be placed "within or around the body. . .depending on the specific needs of the client." They have achieved wondrous results on horses with inexplicable back pain and even on dogs such as Toby the Lab, who refused to walk on wooden floors until Madeleine placed a cushion of energetic crystals between the pads of his feet.

For aspiring animal communicators or for anyone who would like to enhance her connection with animals through the use of telepathy and intention, Ms. Walker has encouraging words:

"Everyone who is open to the concept of telepathic communication can learn to

communicate with every living thing on the planet--and possibly the spirits of
those who have died, too. It's simply a question of remembering our long-buried
skills. It only depends on how committed you are to deepening your connection
to all that is. . .Learning to listen is the first part; really hearing is the important bit."

An Exchange of Love is a collection of profound and moving stories, and best of all, they are all true. They will expand your understanding of what animals feel, sense, think, believe, and experience, and most poignantly, allow you to peer into the depths of animals' connections with their human companions, and of ours with them.

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