Saturday, November 28, 2009

Talk with Bethanne Elion, author of Memoirs of the Bathtub Psychic, during November 30th Teleconference

The next "Conversations with Animal Authors" teleconference will feature Intuitive Bethanne Elion, who will discuss her recently published book, Memoirs of the Bathtub Psychic: The True Story of a Clairvoyant and Her Dogs, on Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 8:00pm (EDT).  The call is free and all are invited to participate.

Bethanne Elion has been deeply involved in animal communication and holistic healing for many years.  She works as a nutrition consultant for private clients and for Volhard Nutrition, makers of natural diet and other whole health balancing products for dogs.  Bethanne has lived in Vermont since 1999, sharing her life with her beloved Newfoundlands, her Yellow Lab, and many feline friends.  Memoirs of the Bathtub Psychic is her first book.

As a truly gifted animal intuitive with an indepth knowledge of homeopathy and nutrition, Bethanne brings an important and often unconventional perspective to the subject of how we can best care for our creature companions.  Whether you're an animal lover, a would-be animal communicator, or just interested in learning how to protect and enhance your dog's health and longevity, you won't want to miss this opportunity to talk with her. 

You can participate in this month's "Conversations with Animal Authors" teleconference by dialing 616-347-8100 and entering PIN #1063739.  Long-distance charges may apply.  If you can't join us live, a recording of the interview will be posted here within a few days after the event.

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Bethanne Elion said...

Thank-you! Looking forward to the Teleconference!