Sunday, March 22, 2009

Talk with Melanie Sue Bowles of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary at the Next Teleconference on Thursday, March 26th

I am pleased to announce that the next "Conversations with Animal Authors" interview will feature Melanie Sue Bowles, who will discuss her books, The Horses of Proud Spirit and Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit during a free hour-long teleconference on Thursday, March 26th at 8:00pm (EDT).

Ms. Bowles, along with her husband, Jim, is the founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, which originally opened in Florida and is now located on 320 rolling acres in the heart of the Ouachita Mountain Range outside Mena, Arkansas, where it is currently home to 63 horses who roam free as a herd on the open land. Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary is one of the longest-existing privately run sanctuaries for horses in the United States. It was the inspiration for an Emmy-winning PBS documentary, "The Horses of Proud Spirit," based on Ms. Bowles' first book.

In The Horses of Proud Spirit and its recent sequel, Hoof Prints, Melanie Sue Bowles recounts, with heartfelt emotion, candor and sometimes, anguish, the stories of dozens of the abused, neglected, discarded, and needy horses who have been fortunate enough to find a permanent home, and loving care, within the boundaries of her Sanctuary. She knew nothing at all about horses when she purchased her first one, the broken and unloved mare, Cody, who turned out to be the catalyst for Melanie's personal journey of self-discovery, one in which she would learn from the horses themselves what they needed to heal their wounded hearts.

All royalties from the sales of The Horses of Proud Spirit and Hoof Prints are earmarked for the support of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary.

Callers who are interested in listening to Melanie Sue Bowles discuss her books, and the horses who live at Proud Spirit, can access the 60-minute "Conversations with Animal Authors" teleconference by calling 616-347-8100 and entering PIN #1063739. Long-distance charges may apply. For those who would like to hear the interview, but cannot participate live, a recording of the call will be posted on this site within a few days after the event.

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